Always Wanted
Your Own
Wild Horse?

If you’re looking for a safe, dependable trail partner, let Mustang Riding Camp train one for you.

Mustang Training Camp uses only patient, proven methods. We can help you save a BLM horse or work with one you already have.

Mustang Training Camp, located in a mountain valley between Wild Horse Plains and Hot Springs, MT, is the ideal place to start your mustang under saddle because we know how to connect with horses, mules, and burros to create awesome partnerships. 

Our head trainer, Kaye Wittig, is a third-generation horse trainer with over 30 years experience successfully starting untouched horses and retraining rescued horses. Her teaching consistently results in calm, trusting, and reliable trail horses.

Our training utilizes positive reinforcement techniques to teach pressure/release cues and we avoid using pain as much as possible. We believe in allowing a horse to think, not just to react.

This year, Mustang Training Camp features four unique opportunities:

Custom Camp is a 15- or 30- session block where we evaluate the special needs of a horse, mule, donkey, or pony of any age. This camp is meant to help owners find solutions to the problems they may be experiencing with their current animal. The camp is available at any time on an as-needed basis. Cost for 15 sessions is $400 and cost for 30 sessions is $700.

Mustang Boot Camp is an 8-week session introducing foundation basics for horses, mules, and burros.

Mustang Summer Camp is a 14-week session giving green horses and mules plenty of sweaty-blanket mountain trail hours both packing and under saddle.

Mustang Cow Camp is a 10-week session in the fall concentrating on cow handling and western ridin

There’s no better time than now to adopt a mustang because the BLM will pay you $1000 to complete an adoption.

Mustang Boot Camp

Mustang Boot Camp is available in the spring, summer, and fall. During each eight-week session, the horse will learn basics including being caught, haltered, groomed, tied, saddled, lunged, ground-driven, backed, hobbled, and packed. Whether a wild horse is ready to ride after eight weeks has a great deal to do with the individual animal, but the goal is to have them graduate with a great start under saddle.

Both BLM and non-BLM horses, mules, and burros are welcome at Mustang Boot Camp. Animals younger than two will be taught the basics, but will not be started under saddle. Animals under the age of three are not ridden, but they will be saddled and gently introduced to a rider.

Please note that Mustang Training Camp does not accept horses or mules for Summer Camp or Cow Camp who haven’t passed Mustang Boot Camp.


Mustang Boot Camp Calendar 2020

Spring Session: April 1 thru May 31

Summer Session: June 1 thru July 31

Fall Session: Sept. 15 thru Nov. 15

Please note that Boot Camp dates can be adjusted by a few days to accommodate owner’s schedules.

Cost for Boot Camp: $1200.00 (Hay included)

Mustang Summer Camp

Mustang Summer Camp is intended for graduates of the spring’s Mustang Boot Camp session to continue their training under saddle on trails from May to September.

Summer Camp is intense. Horses and mules put in long days, so we prefer to work with animals no younger than four for summer camp. Horses and mules ages five to 12 are ideal. Older than that is fine, too, but we may require a vet examination on animals older than 16.

If you have an animal younger than four who has passed Mustang Boot Camp, we can arrange a modified partial session of Summer Camp which is based on your animal’s needs and priced appropriately.

Mustang Summer Camp 2020: June 1 thru Sept. 14

Cost: $1500.00 (Hay included)

Mustang Cow Camp

Cow Camp is a chance for Summer Camp Graduates to improve their skills working solo, to begin to read cattle, and to have some fun in an arena. Horses will have a chance to work on trot/canter transitions and will be introduced to reining.

Mustang Cow Camp Calendar 2020: Sept. 15 thru Nov. 30

Cost for Cow Camp: $1,500.00            (Hay included)